New markets with endless opportunities.

Explore our self-service ecommerce that streamlines your customers’ ordering process. Invite your customers and begin selling right away; it’s that simple.

Introducing MyFoodOffice B2B

It’s time for a new approach. That’s why we have developed the most cutting-edge B2B solution available, allowing you to manage all of your sales channels in one single place with the most accurate overview you will ever need.

From chaos to order

We know many of our customers have a centralized production, delivering products to multiple shop sites and individual customers. MyFoodOffice have first hand experience solving this time sink and freeing up valuable time for staff to be innovative and more efficient.

Add your products
and start accepting orders

Enter your recipes, create products and price lists. Let your customers see the product description, allergens and nutrition values. Let your customers place orders themselves, browse your products catalogue and maintain your customer’s trust in the products you offer.

All your orders in one platform

Our system works for your own shops as well as your B2B and wholesale customers, and we have all the tools needed to manage your internal and external customers.

Modern technology
that works with your existing systems

MyFoodOffice is a digital business platform offering streamlined from order to invoicing. With MyFoodOffice Connect we integrate your existing systems and make it future-proof with our business platform. Integrated with your invoicing or accounting sytem,  we offer a complete automated process from end to end.

Work smarter not harder

MyFoodOffice comprehensive solution enables you to run your business 24/7 with the same operation capacity. From ad-hoc orders to complex recurring orders combined with product availability and order deadlines you have a few clicks away from an all-in-one solution to manage and have an overview of your entire sales process.

Easy planning

Plan your production in advance with our user-friendly planner. Easily keep track of tasks, have batch sizes calculated for you, and track status.

Learn more about Production

Integrated with
your accounting system

Integrated with your POS, Webshop and accounting system allows for an automated process that handles all processes from end to end.

Learn more about MyFoodOffice Connect

Fully integrated with all our modules

Food Declaration

Product Costing

Label Designer



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