Food declaration

Food Declaration
Accurate and up-to-date!

No more pain in updating all recipes and reports manually. Eliminate human errors from your processes.

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We know how huge pain it is for professional food makers.
We have been there ourselves.

Tough legislation?

When was the last time you read the EU 1169/2011 directive with the most recent changes? Or met your food inspector without any fear for incorrect food declarations?

Recipes all over?

How many rounds haven’t you had with your Head of Production or Head Chef to get clarifications on wrong recipe version they are using, or exactly which ingredient from which supplier they use?

Costly errors?

Costly product recalls when your product labelling carry incorrect food declaration? Requiring you pulling everything off the market, and throw away expensive packaging due to incorrect label print?

Not any more! Find out how MyFoodOffice helps you!

Ingredient list in descending order, nutritional values and allergen summary

All are critical elements in getting a correct food declaration. But our system does not stop there. We are ready to be challenged by your needs.

Simplify the process and remove bottlenecks.

We have streamlined the job from supplier data to your webshop and label prints.

  • Start with over thousands of ingredients, ready to be used, or simply register your own ingredients if you want to.
  • On-board your suppliers with our help so they can provide the ingredient data you need.
  • Let the R&D department, Head of Production or Head Chef collaborate with you, managing their own recipes.

care about
the food they eat.

We enable your consumer dialogue. Communicate with confidence and be sure that your food data is up-to-date and compliant with the most recent EU legislation. While you focus on your recipes, MyFoodOffice takes care of the rest.

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Design and print your product labels

Create labels straight from MyFoodOffice. Don’t worry about the label content. Our system populates it for you and keeps it updated.

Save time with
MyFoodOffice Connect

Stop wasting time with managing the maze of sales channels in which your own product offerings are displayed. Keep your product data synced across all sales channels with MyFoodOffice Connect.

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Food Declaration

Stay complaint with the latest legislation

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Design and print food labels, shelf labels and more.

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