Pro Tools

Work like a Ninja!

Seamlessly upgrade to easy food making
with our powerful Pro Tools.

Bulk change recipes

The hard work that follows from replacing one ingredient with another, in all your recipes… not anymore. With our bulk replace function, you can quickly update all of your recipes in seconds.

Copy recipe

Using an existing recipe as a basis for new experiments?
Just make a copy and get going.

Product Variants

We know the same product comes in all sizes and packaging. With product variants, you can reuse the same recipe for all product variants, avoiding unnecessary recipe duplicates.

Get in control of your allergen traces

Having a multitude of recipes and ingredients can make it difficult to understand the real risk exposure of cross contamination of allergens in your production. With our Allergen Tracker, you will get control over which allergens that run through your production lines, and see which recipe, ingredient and supplier that introduce the allergens in first place.

The Allergen Tracker is a valuable tool for your HACCP. Any traces you cannot get rid of? Simply declare them by production line, and have all associated products labelled automatically with those allergen traces.

Optional nutrition values

The EU legislation differentiates on mandatory and optional nutritional values. Fibre and healthy fat are examples of optional values that can enrich your consumer dialog.

Need more information to be sure about your decision? Book a demo!

The Baker’s Percentage

This tool allows you to see the process and ingredients in a different way. Fine tune the balance with percentage precision and easier dose correctly. Easily compare recipes and detect a bad recipe, or predict baked properties. Change or add a percentage with one ingredient without changing the percentage of other ingredients.

The Nordic Keyhole Label

The Nordic Keyhole Label certify that the food you make is a healthier choice. We will scan your recipe and give you instant feedback on whether your food qualifies. A detailed breakdown helps you understand how you can reformulate your recipe so it meets the criteria.

All you need, fully integrated in one platform.

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