Revenues don’t make a living,
Margins do.

And meet the competition with confidence.

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We are speaking from our own experience.

Business to run?

The do-not-bother-me feeling when someone reminds you that your product costing was last updated 5 years ago? In the meantime, your recipe formulation has changed and your purchase prices and labour costs have increased as well?

Non-profitable products?

You are hoping the sales price you are offering is not a too bad guess. You would love to know which products earn you money. But you don’t, and in worst case it could be that your best selling product is the one that has the lowest margin.

Profitability stagnates?

Businesses that manage their product portfolio based on profitability improve their contribution margins by 2 to 4%. But that is not you, because you are too busy running your business, aren’t you? It doesn’t need to be that way anymore.

Let MyFoodOffice help you run your food business better.

Full control

Get an overview and track your costs from the moment materials are received to the finished product is ready for sale. MyFoodOffice allows you to break down your costs on ingredients, labour and packaging, to give you full control.

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Costs change often and quickly

That’s why we made it easy to maintain your data. Easily keep your purchase prices up to date with our advanced import tools. With a few clicks, all of your labour costing is updated next time your company adjusted the salary levels.

Our tools give you actionable insight on how to improve your profits.

  • Which products should I discontinue or do something about?
  • Which ingredients contribute most to the overall costs
  • Should I increase the batch size, or cut the labour time by simplifying the production process?
  • Should I reformulate the recipe or renegotiate a better purchase price?
  • What would the sales price look like if I set a 3x markup?
  • What is the contribution margin now?

Revenues don’t make a living

Margins do. With our battleground tested tools, you will quickly see what sales prices you should set to get the margin you want.

Need more information to be sure about your decision? Book a demo!

Seamlessly integrated solution

MyFoodOffice is three-in-one:

  • Automated Food Declaration
  • Recipe Management
  • Produktkalkyle

This makes it much easier to keep everything up-to-date as well as eliminating double work. Each user can tailor their own MyFoodOffice workspace to their own needs of information and tools, building on the same product data at the core.

All you need, fully integrated in one platform.

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